When we get sick or hurt, it isn’t always something you can physically see on the outside, right? While you can see things like rashes, sunburns or chicken pox, there are many more illnesses and infections that happen on the inside of your body that are only detected because we can express how we feel, such as being nauseated, in pain, and shortness of breath. Just like allergies, we can’t see them, but feel the effects of the particles reacting negatively with our bodies.


Just like we show symptoms when we are sick, our home does too. Our four walls might not actually get the sniffles or itchy eyes, but if you are experiencing these symptoms yourself, it might not just be allergies.

Mold is hard to detect, so be aware of what your body is telling you. If you’ve realized you’ve been experiencing coughing, itchy eyes, sneeze, runny nose or trouble breathing while you’re at home, when you leave it tends to get less severe, and starts back up when you return again, these could be a warning sign.

Among those lighter symptoms which could go unnoticed, don’t discount if you’ve been getting frequent headaches, feeling nauseated or fatigued. These are more serious symptoms and should not be overlooked if they are ongoing.

What do I do now?

Pay attention and be aware if you sense a musty odor in your surroundings, you likely have mold cultivating there, sometimes even being out of sight or not readily apparent. Black mold often expands in concealed places, like wall interiors, beneath carpets, and internal heating or ventilation ducts.

Black mold is formed by a lurking moisture and may be putting your health at risk. This is especially important for our communities here in Florida. With our already humid climate, and heavy rainy seasons we may not realize water creeping its way into our walls and foundations. If you are concerned about toxic mold or black mold there are certified professionals who can perform mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation services in SWFL.

How is mold detected by professionals?

There are a few interesting ways to accurately detect mold, read about them on our page here. American Construction and Plumbing is the only Ft. Myers company offering our certified scent detection K9 detective confirming mold in commercial and residential properties!

We know that life is short already, there’s no need to spend it feeling uncomfortable in your own home. Don’t wait until you can see the problem, make sure you protect your family and yourself from this silent killer before your health is compromised.