A certified FL home inspection provides an unbiased report on the condition of the property and structure at the time of inspection. We provide an objective visual inspection of the structure, systems, and components of a home, from the foundation, to the roof, covering hundreds of items with a thorough written checklist.  America Construction’s 4 point inspection is required when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. This includes a limited scope evaluation of Roofing, Electrical, Heating/Air Conditioning and Plumbing. The focus is to determine the approximate age, components, and general condition of these systems.

Wind Mitigation Inspection
A Wind Mitigation Inspection is a valuable inspection which may reduce your wind storm insurance. Wind insurance discounts are available for building features that reduce damage during high wind events. Most existing structures have one or more wind resistive construction features and may qualify for some Wind Mitigation Insurance.

For Home Buyers
Your new home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Protect your investments with a whole FL home inspection. Our certified inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive inspection covering 400 items in your home. Let American Construction home inspection team help you make your decision with confidence.

For Home Sellers
With thousands of homes selling monthly in our area, make sure your home is positioned with a complete and recent Florida home inspection in place. Having you home inspected before it goes on the market will verify the condition of the home. Home sale transaction can and often do fall through as the result of problems discovered during a buyer’s inspection. To avoid any setbacks, call us to conduct a thorough Florida home inspection of your home, inside and out, enabling you to make any necessary repairs ahead of time or adjust the price of your home accordingly. As a result, you may be able to close on your home quicker…without unwanted surprises.