Have you ever heard of drug dogs, bomb dogs, or highly trained canines being used by law enforcement or fire departments? Now canines are currently being utilized on the war for mold in residential and commercial properties. American Construction and Plumbing, Inc. (trained and certified by Florida Canine Institute) offer trained certified mold and leak detecting dogs performing mold inspection and tests.

Mold and leaks are more often not visible to the human eye. Trina, our mold and leak detection dog is educated and trained to detect odor and to detect the source to demonstrate precise accuracy. Our mold dogs are educated and trained to “sit” when a toxic mold or leaky pipe is detected.  Mold detection dogs offer a very successful method for the location of mold which generally leads to lower remediation costs for insurers and homeowners.

Our canine staff is Snoop Dog, Trina and Kyle and all have a college degree and earn their dog food daily.