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More and more Americans are discovering the open-air benefits of outdoor living. Research suggests that nearly half of the country’s homeowners have an outdoor room of some kind or another. These numbers do not include outdoor kitchens, but the trend is clearly pointing toward more people enjoying the great out-of-doors.

Outdoor kitchens aren’t a little propane stove beside a trout stream any more. Some of them have become more elaborate and user friendly than the kitchen inside of the house. A major setup may include a grill, a range, a pizza oven, an ice making machine, and aluminum drawers and cabinets. Barbeque grills are obviously the most popular backyard appliance and the numbers continue to grow.

The reasons for outdoor kitchens

  • They’re a great place to entertain friends and gather the family together.
  • Cooking inside your home can make the your air conditioning bill go through the roof, and most kitchens can’t accommodate a large crowd.
  • Clean up is a breeze when it all happens outside.
  • A nice outdoor kitchen will add a substantial amount to the value of your home.

Well equipped outdoor kitchens are becoming very affordable. Because of the surge in popularity, the competition has increased and the prices are lower than ever. There are now do-it-yourself kits that are so easy to put together that all you need to do is hook up the gas and electric.

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