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With Our Leak Detection Services, We’ll Find Your Leaks GUARANTEED!

Plumbing leaks can be hard to find and destructive. Our leak locator and leak detection services are the best home leak detection services anywhere.

Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every day. American Construction & Plumbing’s technicians use the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden subsurface water and sewer leaks.

Through our time-tested processes of “Leak Detection Without Destruction”, you save resources, time, and money by with minimal disruption to your property. We specialize in foundation pipe leak detection and any type of water leak.

If the water is finding a way to get out, we will find a way to get in and identify the problem. With our state-of-the-art water line leak detection equipment and methodology and years of experience, we can find every type of concealed leak in your home or business.
Plumbing Leak Detection:

  • Inside construction, behind walls
  • Under concrete slabs and asphalt
  • Landscaping, fountains, irrigation
  • Water intrusion in roofs

Call us today and a Certified Technician will be at your door right away to locate your leak using the latest high-tech leak detection equipment. Our non-invasive leak detection approach even allows us to detect hidden water and sewer leaks.

We know that an undiagnosed and unrepaired leak can cause serious structural damage to your property, not to mention all the wasted water and higher utility bills. Using this sophisticated equipment enables us to locate the leak no matter where it occurs.

Leak Detection For Slab Leak Symptoms

  • The sound of running water when all water is turned off.
  • A hot spot on the floor could indicate a hot water line leak.
  • Cracks in walls or floors could be damage from a slab leak.
  • Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could indicate your slab is cracked and the pipes are leaking water.
  • High water bills could also indicate a slab leak. Although a high water bill could indicate a water leak behind the wall or in your pool, plumbing under the slab is also suspect.

ACP is a full service plumber so after we locate the leak there is no need to call someone else to fix the issue. You can count on us to find your leak at a competitive price 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Indications of a hidden leak:

  • High water bill
  • Warm or hot spots on your floor
  • Distant sound of water running; but no fixtures are on
  • Damp moist floors
  • A white looking effervescence or powder on your floor
  • Water is expensive and will cause expensive repairs

You Can Count On American Construction & Plumbing for Dependable, Quality Leak Detection Services!

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