A full home mold inspection by a professional will help you discover mold in your home. It is imperative to document everything and take photographs. The mold professionals can give you an estimate of legitimate scope of work to be done. It is recommended if you are going to claim health damages to get some blood work done at your local health facility. Once everything is documented, it is time to call in your Insurance Company. You may want to hire a Public Adjuster which may want to collect small percentage of structural damages and content.

If you are having difficult time with your Insurance Company approving claim, a lawyer should be your last option when addressing Insurance Company. You may choose to contact your States Insurance Commissioner. The insurance adjuster will create a file which are now responsible for making sure your claim gets settled.

If you decide to file a suit, the insurance adjuster will not care as the problem has just been moved off of their “to do” list and into the legal department. Less work for the adjuster! BUT when you express dissatisfaction to the State’s Insurance Commissioner’s Office, it produces more work for the insurance adjuster. There is also a chance that they must appear before the Commissioner for several days to describe the reason for non-coverage of your losses.