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Do you have clogged drains or blocked pipes in your home? We are Fort Myers leading drain cleaning service

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Drain cleaning maintenance is extremely important to avoid clogged pipes and plumbing issues. Periodic drain cleaning is a critical part of retaining your plumbing system. Lessen the occurrence of pipe blockages One of the benefits of drain cleaning is that you restrict the instance of clogged drains or blocked pipes. There are plenty of physical

Trina “A Dog with A Job” Is On The Trail To Mold And Leak Detection

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Have you ever heard of drug dogs, bomb dogs, or highly trained canines being used by law enforcement or fire departments? Now canines are currently being utilized on the war for mold in residential and commercial properties. American Construction and Plumbing, Inc. (trained and certified by Florida Canine Institute) offer trained certified mold and leak

Fort Myers Shower Showroom

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From beginning to end, our home advisors can revitalize your previous shower in no time at all! Our custom bathroom remodeling professionals offer long lasting shower surroundings, impeccable tile flooring and easy clean shower doors that are superlative to any modern match in any style of bathroom. Come visit the only fully operating bathroom shower

Fort Myers Ceramic Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring has been around for centuries and remains modern in style. American tile shoppers have discovered that color tile can meet and exceed the best in flooring to suit their needs. Tile installers often offer an array of patterns, colors, sizes and shapes, making your kitchen and bath remodeling dreams come true. Our tile

Ft Myers Mold Inspection

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If you become aware of a musty odor in your surroundings, you in all likely hood have mold cultivating there, sometimes even being out of sight or not readily apparent. Black mold often expands in concealed places, like wall interiors, beneath carpets, and internal heating or ventilation ducts. Black mold is formed by a lurking

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