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After much hassle with the insurance company, the work was completed. ACP corrected all emergency situations immediately and they worked with me to get up and running while waiting on insurance. G. Pitney
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“This was our second service with American Construction and Plumbing – We found the employees skillful, effective and efficient.  Well pleased!!” Deborah & Charles Eggert – Cape Coral, FL
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I was left in a precarious situation when Home Depot told me they could not install my new dishwasher. American saved the day! Pamela Herndon, Fort Myers
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We had several plumbers who couldn't seem to fix it properly, but Jerry was able to. He is an asset to your company. Jeff Williams, Fort Myers
I feel blessed to  have been led to call them. Carly Stanley, Fort Myers
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“I call American Construction and Plumbing for all my home repairs. They are on time and get the job done right the first time and they never over-charge for their work! As a senior citizen I appreciate…
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Mold Remediation

You may need mold remediation. Does your home smell musty?  Are members of your family sick or experiencing breathing problems?  Think your indoor air is safe? Think again……..You may have hidden mold.

Do you have water damaged cabinets, walls, or flooring in your home? If you do, then you need our mold services.  Active water leaks and even old water leaks can be a source of mold in your home.

mold remediationOur State Licensed Mold Inspectors are the best in the country. They have found mold when other companies failed to find it.

We use the latest technologies available and our 30 years of experience to guarantee the removal and the source causing the mold problem.

ACP uses moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, boroscope cameras, particle and air sampling pumps and even certified trained K-9’s that find mold others can’t.  Utilizing technology, along with good old common sense, will make your mold problems a thing of the past!

We also can do all the remodeling after the mold remediation, for a stress free experience for you.

About Mold

Mold is a particular type of fungi. The primary purpose of mold is to decompose cellulose types of materials like trees, leaves or plants. Molds are naturally occurring in just about an environment and are very resilient.

Mold needs three things to survive: a food source, oxygen and moisture. If mold cannot get one of these three main necessities, it will normally go dormant and not die. It acts like a seed awaiting the right conditions and then will grow.

When visible mold growth is found, typically our interior air levels rise and cause adverse affects to humans or pets.

Our mold services will locate and find all sources of mold of all types. We use the latest technologies to find any type of mold.

Molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air. Much like pollen, these spores float through the air and can then be breathed into our bodies, or land on our skin and thus can cause an allergic reaction.

You may need our Mold Services when you notice these symptoms:

  • Watering eyes
  • Nasal Constriction
  • Headaches
  • Asthma Symptoms

Sometimes you have mold but you cannot smell it yet, but you have allergy type symptoms when you’re home.

Maybe your guests suggest to you that you have an odor in the home. We sometimes get used to smells and don’t recognize them because the smell is normal to you. If you suspect anything… be safe and have us professionally inspect your home.

We offer an initial home visit in Lee County FREE of Charge. Our walk through generally will tell us if an inclusive inspection needs to be done.

Most water and mold damage is covered under your home owners insurance.

Our company specializes in water and mold problems. We work with all insurance companies.

We are a State Licensed Mold Assessor Mold Remediation and Home Inspector.

Mold Services

  • ACP uses the latest testing equipment to find your mold. We even have certified K-9’s to sniff out hidden water leaks and mold. Snoop, Kyle and Trina work with our technicians on a daily basis and are able to resolve tough issues when others fail to do so. Owner John Burrows has been in the leak locating business since 1977.

    No one is better prepared to find your water leak and repair it than the team at American Construction and Plumbing.

    Excess moisture and poor ventilation can promote mold growth in your home. Typically, mold does little to hide its presence, so it can generally be detected easily.

    If you suspect that mold has invaded your home, it is important to locate and eliminate the source of moisture, address the problems that provide the right conditions for mold growth and then clean it.

    American Construction and Plumbing will find the moisture issue or leak and repair it and complete the mold remediation process and dispose of the hazardous materials that will prevent the spread of mold spores to the rest of your home!

    Keep in mind that the first signs of mold might be allergy-like symptoms in members of your household.

    If you detect excess moisture or a musty odor but do not see mold, call American Construction and Plumbing to help you locate the source of the problem!

    We’ll clean up the mold without exposing your family to hazardous homemade remedies used by many other companies.

    The Key To Eliminating Mold Is Tracking And Eliminating The Moisture!

    Typical causes of Mold:

  • Roof and plumbing leaks.
  • Overflow from tubs, toilets; or sinks.
  • Excessive use of a humidifier.
  • Inadequate venting in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Poor venting of household appliances (clothes dryers, stoves, etc., should be vented to the outside when    possible).
    Has Mold Invaded Your Home? Visible mold growth. Mold can appear in a variety of textures and colors; it often appears as a discoloration, stain, or fuzzy growth. Musty or earthy odors. Water damage and discoloration around the area of the damage.If you suspect your home has mold, Call us today, we are here to help!! You may need mold remediation.

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