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“I call American Construction and Plumbing for all my home repairs. They are on time and get the job done right the first time and they never over-charge for their work! As a senior citizen I appreciate…
Precarious Situation
I was left in a precarious situation when Home Depot told me they could not install my new dishwasher. American saved the day! Pamela Herndon, Fort Myers
Second Service
“This was our second service with American Construction and Plumbing – We found the employees skillful, effective and efficient.  Well pleased!!” Deborah & Charles Eggert – Cape Coral, FL
Water Leaking
“I had a water leak in a pipe to my second floor bathroom. The damage was extensive. The downstairs bathroom had to be removed, parts of the inside walls and some of the exterior of the house. John and…
Highly Recommended
I have recommended ACP and will continue in the future. S. Wiamilke
Remodeled Bathroom
“We are so pleased with our remodeled bath, it’s so beautiful! We are so happy we chose American Construction and Plumbing for our remodel! ACP made it is so easy to get everything thing done from…
Same Day Service
“Thank you for coming out the same day to fix my water leak. I do not know what I would have done if I had to wait for a repair. Your guys were extremely knowledgeable and got the job done in under an…
I feel blessed to  have been led to call them. Carly Stanley, Fort Myers
Insurance Hassles
After much hassle with the insurance company, the work was completed. ACP corrected all emergency situations immediately and they worked with me to get up and running while waiting on insurance. G. Pitney
ACP got it right.
We had several plumbers who couldn't seem to fix it properly, but Jerry was able to. He is an asset to your company. Jeff Williams, Fort Myers
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Canine Mold Detection

Our certified canine mold detection team consists of trained professionals with experience unparalleled by our competitors. Our K-9 Detection Services include full property inspection for mold or defective Chinese drywall and clearance testing to determine the success of mold remediation efforts.

canine mold detectionAmerican Construction & Plumbing, a state licensed mold assessor, evaluated the current choices homeowners have to identify if mold or defective Chinese drywall exists within their homes and decided to use our own Canine Mold Detection Unit.

We didn’t believe the current choices were acceptable. We are pleased to offer protection through K-9 detection. It’s simple, our new K-9 Detective Service offers the exact proven technology used for decades to detect illicit drugs, locate missing persons, track criminal suspects, and recover forensic evidence.

By offering the best method possible, we demonstrate our commitment to providing an honest, proven, and certified method at a cost effective price for the health and well-being of the citizens in our community. We provide peace of mind in making sure your premises are free of mold or defective Chinese drywall.

Snoop at work!

Our Certified Canine Mold Detection Team consists of trained professionals with experience unparalleled by our competitors. If the dog doesn’t signal an alert, you can know with greater certainty that your home or office is safe.

American Construction & Plumbing is the first Fort Myers Company to use a trained, certified detection dog to find Mold and Chinese Drywall in commercial and residential buildings.

Two year old Snoop is proud of his European German Shepherd pedigree. He is also the FIRST known certified dog in both Mold and Chinese Drywall detection in the US and trained by a worldwide leader in scent detection training.

Proven: Using the same technique as Law Enforcement which has relied on dogs for generations to successfully detect bombs and drugs, to track or to search and rescue.

Easy: Snoop Dog can sniff through floors and walls as well as in most places that traditional inspectors could never go.

Honest: Most importantly, dogs don’t lie – they don’t know how to – it’s that simple

How Our Canine Mold Detection Units Work:

A dog’s sense of smell is said to be a thousand times more sensitive than that of humans.

Our K-9 Mold Detectives follow a biochemical trail of odor molecules and gases. Dogs can track a scent through snow, air, mud, water and even ash.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call or submit your contact information and one of our representatives will assist you further. *A properly trained and certified detection dog is recognized in court as a “scientific instrument” (US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)

Canine mold detection works!

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